Tenant FAQs

Answers to your frequently asked questions

*If your question is not listed here, please view our Tenant Handbook which can answer most general questions.
  • Can I apply my security deposit to my last month's rent?

    No. Your security deposit is held in a separate account and can only be used for outstanding charges after you vacate the property – NOT for your last month’s rent.
  • Can I change the locks on my home?

    Generally, no. Any changes can affect the ability of our staff to respond to calls, lock outs, or maintenance requests in a timely manner. Please contact us if you need to rekey your home.
  • Do I have to be present for a service technician to perform work?

    No, you do not have to be present when work is being performed. To allow for more speedy repairs, please consider giving permission to enter.
  • Do I need Renters Insurance?

    Our policy varies per property. Please review your lease for clarification. Each property advertises the requirement for Renter’s Insurance if it is a must. However, we highly recommend it for your protection.
  • How do I give my 30 Day Notice to Vacate?

    We require that all notices be submitted to our office in writing. You can email your written notice to info@foxmanagementinc.com, fax it to 503-280-0242, send by regular mail, or bring personally to our office.

    Please be sure to indicate your name, the date, your address, phone number, forwarding address (if known), and last day of tenancy (if longer than 30 days from the date of submission). If you are living in a roommate situation, please indicate whether all tenants are vacating, or just yourself. Roommate situation may require additional paperwork to be completed.

  • How do I make a rent payment?

    Rent payments are accepted in a few different ways. The quickest and most efficient way is to sign up for our free online payment system with e-check. All you need is valid email address! You can also pay online with a debit/credit card (fee applies) or use PayNearMe™ to pay in cash at a 7-11 or ACE store (fee applies). Contact the office for details at 503-280-0241 or visit our Rent Payment page to get started. You can also mail or hand-deliver your rent to our office at:
    2316 NE Glisan Street
    Portland, OR 97232.

    If you stop by after hours, there is a mail slot in the garage door on the left side of the office. This is a secured box. See our tenant handbook for more details on our rent collection policy.

    *Reminder: Review your lease for late rent policies. Rent is due on the first of each month. NO EXCEPTIONS for weekends, holidays, or postage delays. We have given you a grace period through 11:59PM of the 4th. Please include $100 late fee with all late payments made after midnight on the 4th.

  • How do I submit a maintenance request?

    If you have a non-emergency maintenance issue, first review our troubleshooting guide, located in the tenant handbook, which may resolve your issue. If this does not help you, you can submit an online maintenance via the TENANT PORTAL. Click on the MAINTENANCE tab.

    If you have not set up your TENANT PORTAL email us at maintenance@foxmanagementinc.com. You can also download, print, and complete the maintenance form and submit it to our office via fax at 503-280-0242, regular mail, or email your property manager.

  • When will you complete my maintenance request?

    We try our best to respond to non-emergency requests within 48-72 business hours. Have you given us permission to enter? This results in more speedy repairs.

    If you have more than one request, it may be that multiple vendors are required to complete the request, or we are still seeking approval to move forward. Please note that we do prioritize work orders, and emergency requests are more frequent during colder months. Please review our Tenant Handbook for troubleshooting tips.

  • I want to move out, but my roommate wants to stay. What do I do?

    It's simple! If you are not having another roommate move in, you will need to income qualify for the unit on your own by both re-applying online and submitting required income verifications. Your property manager will be able to provide assistance with this process.

    Should you have someone move in to take the place of the vacating resident, they will need to apply online. Simply go to the Roommate Application under the Applicant Tab above.

  • Who is responsible for paying for repairs & maintenance requests?

    This depends. After a maintenance request is submitted our team will troubleshoot the issue prior to sending a technician out. If it is deemed a tenant related issue through neglect or intent, you will be billed for the entire repair.

    If instead it is 'normal wear and tear', a warranty issue, or a deemed owner expense, Fox Management Group will repair the issue and take care of the billing with the owner.