Eviction Protection Guarantee:

How it works: It's an unfortunate fact that even with excellent up-front screening, some tenancies end in eviction. Although at Fox Management we evict less than 1% of the tenants we place each year, unfortunately when evictions do happen, it can be ugly (and expensive). We want you to know we're the best at what we do. Therefore, we'll bear the risk, and the cost, for you if the need arises! With Fox's Eviction Protection Guarantee, we not only handle the eviction process, but we cover the legal costs or fees associated with the eviction, up to $1000 (per occurrence).

Owner must subscribe to our Eviction Protection Plan in the Management Agreement.

*This is a summary of terms or the Eviction Protection Plan, see your management agreement for exact terms.

25 Day Lease Up Guarantee:

How it works: Fox Management guarantees that we will rent out your property in 25 days* or less, (commencing once property is rent-ready and internet subscription ads are posted), or Fox Management will waive 1 month of management fees.
“Rent” is defined as signing an execution agreement and collecting a deposit from the Resident(s).

To enroll, you must agree to the terms below:

Owner Responsibilities

  1. Owner agrees to follow Fox Management's recommended initial list price. Owner gives Manager permission to reduce the list price by 5% every 14 days (when no applications are pending) until the property is rented.
  2. Property must be move-in ready as defined below:
    1. Property must be vacant. If property is not vacant at the time advertisements start, the commencement of the 25 days will not start until the home is vacant and posted to preferred internet listing provider.
    2. Property must be professionally cleaned.
    3. Manager's turnover checklist provided to Owner must be completed by Manager.
    4. If carpet is present, they must be professionally cleaned using a truck mounted system, and any pertinent treatment(s) applied.
  3. Owner's property must be pet friendly (allow both cats and dogs).
  4. Owner must allow use of Rently boxes.
  5. The lease being offered must be for 12 months.

*Properties that are listed between October-February will receive a 35-day guarantee. Properties that are listed between October-February may offer a 6 or 9 month lease, depending on property location.

Tenant Placement Guarantee:

How it works: This is something we have always done, but in 2020 we are strengthening our promise. We certify that you will NEVER have to pay 2 leasing fees in the same 9-12 month period. We guarantee your tenant will stay 9-12 months, or we will find a replacement at no additional charge. In this rare event, we will also cover up to one month's rent during the vacancy. *

Any lease break fee paid by the tenant will be 100% commission to Fox.

*The 30 days of rent paid to Owner is contingent upon the collection of lease break fee from the tenant.

Animal Protection Guarantee:

How it works: At no extra charge to owners, we guarantee your home will not be damaged by approved animal(s). When we allow a pet into a home, we have vetted that animal almost as much as the tenant. Our Animal Protection Guarantee will reimburse you up to $1,000 in pet damage (to a maximum of $1,000 per tenancy)

Did you know? “According to an American Veterinary Medical Association report, Oregon ranked third at 73% of households owning a pet. By excluding all animals from their properties, property owners also exclude a good percentage of people. However, done right, pet-friendly rental units can attract the best human tenants. In fact, renters with pets are known to be happier and tend to stick around longer.”

Plan Administration / Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Fox Management requires the Landlord account with Fox Management be in good standing. Termination of the Residential Management Agreement shall cause enrollment in Animal Protection Guarantee to immediately terminate and Fox Management shall not be responsible for any claims either past or future.
  2. Resident(s) must have been approved/placed by Fox Management and on a Fox Management rental agreement with a start date of January 1, 2021 or later.
  3. All charges for pet damage will first be billed to the resident.
  4. Fox Management will first attempt to collect funds from the resident to reimburse the owner. The maximum payout by Fox Management per tenancy will not exceed $1,000.
  5. All payouts by Fox Management will be made after the resident has vacated the premises and after the completion of the security deposit disposition by Fox Management. Fox Management will pay these expenses within the coverage limits stated above within 90 days of final accounting.

Any pet administration fees, or rent charged to the resident to be retained by Fox Management Inc.

This guarantee applies only to the animal(s) approved by the third-party screening company used by Fox Management and does not apply if the resident(s) has an unauthorized animal(s)

Happiness Guarantee:

How it works: If for any reason you are not completely happy with our services and you stop seeing the value of our service, you may cancel your property management agreement without penalty with 30-day's notice. The notice period allows for a smooth and professional transition for the tenant, wrap-up of any outstanding maintenance items and invoices, and assignment of the lease and security deposit funds properly over to you so we transfer a happy tenant.


  1. A 30-day notice is provided by the property owner which allows us time to resolve any outstanding service issues and prepare accounts and files for transfer.
  2. All outstanding invoices have been paid to vendors.
  3. We must have managed the property for 90 days minimum, or a $500 cancellation fee does apply.

We want the cancellation process to go smoothly for you and your tenant.

Prompt Payment Guarantee:

How it works: If we don't mail or wire ACH your collected monthly proceeds by the 15th of the month (excluding weekends and holidays), or within 10 business days of receipt of proceeds thereafter, we will waive that month's management fee.

Owner Statement Guarantee:

How it works: Fox Management makes sure you stay informed. We publish a monthly financial statement covering every property in your portfolio. For easy access, we provide this report and others (lease and survey reports) to your Owner Portal.

Easy Switch Guarantee:

How it works: Leaving a previous property management company? Welcome to Fox Management! We'll handle everything required when switching to our company from another property management firm, including leases, documents, keys and whatever else is needed for management. It's that easy!