4 Benefits of Working with a Portland Property Management Company

Smart Portland investors know that there are a number of benefits to working with a professional property management company. Today, we’re sharing four of the best reasons to work with a property manager.

Property Management Portland: Time Savings

The number one reason that most of our customers begin working with us is that they value their time. Time is ultimately all we have, and dealing with after-hours phone calls, clogged toilets, and lots of questions from needy tenants can take a fair amount of time. This is especially true when your Portland rental home is vacant. A lot of time and effort will be required to meet with applicants, coordinate vendors, and respond to inquiries. This is where we really earn our fee – we give you back your time.

Property Management Portland: Cost Efficient

At Fox, we are constantly working with vendors to establish excellent pricing for our Portland landlords. We have vendors who do outstanding work for less than full retail price. This is because we provide a large volume of business to vendors, and that helps us secure excellent pricing. Painting, carpet cleaning, and general repairs are cost efficient and much more affordable than if you were scheduling this work on your own.
Property Management Portland: Local Expertise

In Oregon, rental properties are highly regulated by city, state, and county regulations. Our job is to keep up with all those changes. We use updated forms and have access to all the tools and resources that protect your property. We can pull credit reports from the credit bureaus and access criminal records. We provide the most current information on the local rental market.

Property Management Portland: Professionalism

It can be difficult to deal with tenants. These are their lives and where they live. It can be hard to make business decisions, especially when you need to end a tenancy. Perhaps you have built relationships with people, and therefore it’s hard to make tough business decisions. Fox always has a business hat on, and we can avoid making emotional decisions. We’re here to help you through the challenging parts of the rental process. 

These are only a few of the benefits of using professional management, and there’s much more we can tell you. For any of your Portland property management needs, please contact us at Fox Management.